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PacneFree™ - Silver Anti-Acne Pillow Mist

PacneFree™ - Silver Anti-Acne Pillow Mist


If you're spending thousands on skincare & see no results — our PacneFree™ Spray is for you!

🏆  World's first silver infused pillow spray

🦠 Eliminates Acne Causing Bacteria

✨ Improves sleep quality

✈️​ Travel Friendly + 1000 Sprays in one bottle


PacneFree™ - Silver Anti-Acne Pillow Mist

Get it between - and -.

What is it made of?

Infused with Anti-Microbial Silver ions curated to kill acne causing & Staph Bacteria, Fade Pacne Free pillow spray is an anti-microbial spray designed exclusively for skin issues occuring from bacteria build up on pillows.

Ingredient List - Aqueous Distilled Water (77%), Lavender Hydrosol(3%),Solution stabilizers 16-17%,Silver ion Particles 3-4%

How to use?

Just Spray your PacneFree™ on your pillow to have an acne-free sleep.

We recommend spraying 2-3 times a week and atleast 3 hours before you sleep so it dries off.

Shipping & Returns

Shipped within 24 hours.

Delivery all over India : 3-4 Days

Shipped via Bluedart

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    What Is Pacne? Why It's Ruining Your Skin!

    Pacne stands for Pillow-Acne -the sneaky culprit wrecking your skin while you catch that sleep​. Imagine your pillow secretly hosting acne-causing bacteria, turning your beauty sleep into a skin nightmare. To avoid such breakouts we invented the PacneFree Spray.


    What's The Science Behind It?

    Silver ions once sprayed on your pillow interact with the exisiting bacteria and make them unstable hence killing them.

    They also create a protective barrier, so any bacteria falling on the pillow doesn't get a chance to thrive to ruin your sound-sleep.

    Over 10,000+ Happy customers

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    The Future is Acne-Free


    Said they started having less breakouts & saw an increase in natural glow


    noticed less itching on the face & scalp in the morning


    improved sleep quality from added lavender oil essence

    • Infused silver ion Spray

    • Eliminates Bad Bacteria

    • Proven Lab-Tested Toxic Free

    Why PacneFree™?

    Find out why 10,000+ women choose FADE's PacneFree™ instead of other expensive alternatives.

      Over Priced Pillowcase

    Infused with lavender


    3x Pillow Coverage

    Travel Friendly


    Frequently Asked Questions


    Is it safe for my skin?

    Yes Absolutely! PacneFree is a Lab Certified 100% Toxic - Free Formula.

    Silver ions are proven tobe  anti-microbial and are used in killing bacteria since a decade.

    How often should i spray it on my pillow?

    We recommend spraying your pillow once every 3-4 days for best results.

    How can i track my order?

    Shipped within 24 hours.

    Delivery all over India : 3-4 Days

    Shipped via Bluedart

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 27 reviews
    suparna Sur

    Very nice...these days it's required... otherwise dustmites bite all night...very good concept

    Manish Singh
    Enjoyable scent

    Really enjoying this product. I will buy it again when I run out.

    Rohit R
    Love the smell

    I love the smell of this. I use this on my pillow and cloth face masks.

    Fantastic product

    This stuff helps keep bacteria off your face while you sleep. It works and it is an amazing aroma therapy tool to help you waft into sleep. It smells SOOOO good!!!!

    Tara N
    Smells fantastic and makes me worry less

    I love this because it smells amazing and gives me peace of mind that bacteria will not get on my face from my pillowcase. My 3-year-old now insists on spraying his pillow before bedtime. 😂